Lumin Nutrition & Wellness

I suffered for years with chronic cold fingertips and hands. Mary Elizabeth identified my circulation problem. The supplement formula she gave me has kept my hands warm and pain free for over 3 years. I have been making massage referrals to Mary Elizabeth for over 2 decades. Her massage skill and diagnostics are some of the best in town.
— Spring Svart, LMT

Mary helped me with my too frequent urination problem. The supplements she gave me have enabled me to sleep through the night and not be constantly looking for the "men's room" when I am out and about doing errands.
— Carl, age 81

My desk job requires me to spend at least 4 hours a day entering data. I could barely grip anything with my thumbs by the time I got to Mary. The formula she gave me worked within two weeks and I am now pain free and totally mobile.
— Roxanne B.

I have been plagued with pollen allergies for years. I used to rely on over the counter drugs but Mary's supplements have made me allergy free for over a year.
— MB

I am a weaver who works at an upright loom. My hands developed arthritis from the repetitive action of weaving. The supplements she gave me have allowed me to continue working at something I love.
— R. Apsholm