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Massage is the perfect adjunct to medical treatment or chiropractic adjustment following an auto accident.

A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) jars the body’s structure and metabolic systems, which frequently manifests in the soft tissue becoming swollen and bruised with limited motion. Accidents pump Adrenal corticosterones into the metabolism to suppress inflammation so a person can immediately function post collision. After several days, when this wears off, problems can manifest as:

Cognitive difficulties in concentration
Fatigue, anxiety and high blood pressure
General overall aches 'n' pains


Specific, localized pain i.e. back and neck

Facts about auto insurance:

Insurance companies will balk if you wait too long to file a medical claim. Preferably file within two weeks of the MVA. Better to have yourself checked out immediately by a primary care provider (MD or Chiropractor.) They will determine a treatment plan.

Massage therapists are secondary care providers. We need a prescription from a primary provider to treat and bill your insurance company. I always work in conjunction with the referring physician and your insurance company.

I handle dozens of auto accident cases every year so I understand the treatment protocol particular to accidents. Please call today. I can help bring your body back into balance!